Monday, February 11, 2013

UFO Sightings

Lost a "Follower" today...don't know who or why...and I'm figuring this post title may freak out a couple more.  But in my world, UFOs are not flying objects bouncing through space, they are unfinished objects that have grown mold in my knitting basket.  They are neglected projects that either bored me to tears, were too complex for my pea-brain, or I had decided that I hated them before they were ever finished. 

For knitters and other crafters, our drawers and closets are full of UFOs. We hide them from our husbands so we can justify buying more stuff for our stash, whether it be yarn, fabric, beads...whatever. Occasionally we trot them out of their resting places for a fresh look.  If we are lucky, we become inspired all over again, put our pedal to the medal and finally finish them.  There is nothing more gratifying than finishing a 900 page book that you have been reading for a year, binding off a sweater that can actually be worn THIS season, or sewing that fabric that you got on vacation two years ago.

This week, I finished two projects. Yay!

1.)  A small knitted purse that I plan to use for shopping at Stitches West in Santa Clara this month.  It goes over the shoulder so that my hands will be free to pick through skeins and skeins of beautiful yarn. I actually "felted" it to give it a little more stability and lined it with a pretty pink batik fabric. Big enough for my wallet, some lip gloss and my iPhone. Very hippie, don't ya think???

2.)  I also finished a poncho that I started several months ago.  I got this soft tweedy yarn from the stash of one of my fellow knitters who had passed away last year and whose daughter kindly invited us all over to take some yarn home. This is Sweet Sue's poncho.

With hippie purse in hand and rockin' my new poncho, I will be ready for the Stitches convention.  And since a girl can never have too much yarn in her stash, I fabricated this cute little rolling market cart for the day.  I purchased a small collapsible luggage cart at Target and the fabric basket at Lowes.  I bent the top rim of the basket (heavy wire of some kind) into a square and then velcro'd it to the luggage carrier.  Voila...a mini-shopping cart I can drag behind me.  I can also use it to take to the Saturday Farmer's market this summer. Bonus!

Laurel. Procrastination is crushed!!


  1. My UFOs are more than a couple months old. They are years old. Do have have to say how many? It's embarrassing. My grandson outgrew four of them. :( I probably outgrew the other one.

  2. I certainly admire your talent.

  3. I've heard from several fellow bloggers recently who have lost members for no apparent reason. Blogger is at it again. And I think your poncho is gorgeous!

  4. Congratulations on completing your knitting UFOs. You are going to be stylin big time at the Farmer's Market with your clever rolling bag. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

  5. Congrats on your finishes and have a GREAT time at Stitches! BTW, I knew exactly what UFOs were...coming from a long line of them myself....xo Susan


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