Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Quest for readers...

Okay, I lied. This post isn't about anything in particular...in fact it's not about anything, period.  I am so totally frustrated with "feeds" that I don't understand, "URLs" that go to places I don't want, "gadgets" that don't work and "HTML" jargon I don't get at all.  So this post is just to test what I think I've done, connecting it to a new Facebook page...My fear is that it will post to my personal FB instead of my Laurel's Quill page.

QUIZ for the DAY:

Am I 

1) too old to be doing this?

2) too stupid to be doing this?

3) missing some marbles?

Pick one. And wish me luck.

Oh, just for the photographers out there, here's a pic for ya.



  1. A lovely picture, and you are doing great!! It is REALLY HARD and confusing to set up a blog. You're doing a really good job :)

  2. You're not any of these three things.

  3. @Becky and Stephen...thanks so much for the encouragement. It is a daunting task, and maybe I just need to lighten up and enjoy blogging!!! Thanks again. Laurel


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