Saturday, February 4, 2012

First Walk of 2012 (actually, more like a stroll...)

I promised myself that I would start walking again in February.  I spent the better part of January changing my eating habits.  It wasn't part of any New Year's resolution, because we all know those don't work. After 6 months of trying to eat "better" last year, taking more vitamins and minerals and not really succeeding at anything that resembles a healthy lifestyle, I just decided to get serious about what goes into my body. So January was Laurel's official Kick the Sugar month.

I originally thought that March might be a better month to start my walking regime, as the weather is so much more cooperative.  I hate the cold and I hate to BE cold.  Normally February is all about rain, fog and other affronts to my bad knees. However, Mother Nature continues her period of erratic unpredictability when it comes to weather patterns across the U.S, so my California February feels more like the Middle of May.

Thought I would take along my camera, as I have to work into the power walking phase (maybe in March?). I wanted to capture the essence of winter here, which to an East Coast snowy Vermontite would indeed seem drab.  But there is beauty and interest in every season, no matter where you live.

Every year I try to catch the Pussy Willows before they explode into a full fledged flower, followed by the bright breen leaves. I like to use them in floral arrangements. There are no Pussy Willows on my route today. I did try to search them out by the river last week, but they were rather scrawny...I guess it is due to the lack of rain.

Today's walk was not about finding much of anything...just enjoying the outdoors.

How California is this?

Spring IS technically a few months away, isn't it??

The crab apple blossoms are already out, a sure sign that Spring is around the corner.  Last year we had snow in the Sierras in June.  This year, sketchy snow for the skiers and blossoms in February.

I guess it won't be long until summer is upon us and I can enjoy a nice Chardonnay in the courtyard.  I love the heat and I love Summer. It's definitely a California thing!

Happy Walking!

 Laurel, California Native

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