Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My Exciting New "Gig"

Okay, it's not like I don't have enough projects or anything, but you know me - there's always something new that pushes my creative buttons.  Over the years I have juiced my entrepreneurial spirit sewing for others, designing dresses to sell, creating unique one-of-a-kind necklaces, selling paintings on the street corners, doing interior design and house staging, etc.

My friends know that have always wanted to have my own fabric/yarn/jewelry/artwork etc. boutique, but somehow it was never in the cards. When I visit a shop that I love, I try to imagine how I might "become a part of it", but more often than not, I will just breathe in its ambiance, buy a few trinkets and leave, wishing I had had the chutzpa to do it myself.

Along came Suzan Steinberg, co-owner with her father Bob, of my favorite fabric shop in Berkeley, Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics. Suzan put out a notice to her customers that she was looking for people who might be interested in sewing garments for her, as well as samples for the store. I promptly replied to her. expressing an interest in more than just the sewing gig, but some sort of "collaboration" that might also include my love of blogging and photography as well as feed my inner need to create, teach, otherwise influence and inspire others (there's that "corporate" head still trying to rule!).

Suzan and I met, threw around some ideas and quicker that you can say "fabric", I was sent home with bags of material, patterns and notions to make several outfits for her. Somehow, things are just meant to come together - it's almost like I've known her for years. I will be a guest contributor on her blog, FabricLady, that will feature some of the outfits that I am making for her, along with some tutorials perhaps, and whatever else Suzan has in store!

 For Suzan... Vogue Pattern #1355 designed by Sandra Betzina
I am excited to work with her creating some garments that not only showcase the quality and variety of Stonemountain fabrics, but just get women to want to start sewing for themselves again. Both of us think that fashion sewing is enjoying a resurgence in popularity, and for my part, the more I can get that message across, perhaps more of the big "chains" will start to take notice and truly be able to call themselves "Fabric Stores".

 Laurel. Busy Hands are happy hands!


  1. Oh Congratulations Laurel I am so happy for you. I wish more people would buy from stores like this my daughter is a textile design screen printer, and pattern maker.It is a hard business to be in in this day and age with cheap clothes and material every where. Have fun this is perfect for you.. B

  2. This sounds like a partnership made in Heaven. I can feel your excitement and enthusiasm coming through my computer monitor. Congratulation.

  3. Good luck on your new venture. I too would love to see a resurgence of garment making. The only local store that sells fabric near me is only a quilt shop. It sells cottons only and no patterns, zippers or buttons. We need more fashion sewing.

  4. Huge Congratulations. Funny how things happen why and when they are ready. Maybe we are just too timid. This dress is gorgeous. Happy Hearts are Creative Hearts...


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