Monday, January 5, 2015

Sewing with Our Hearts

This past weekend, Dress a Girl Around the World - No. CA had our monthly sewfest. Though we had a lower than usual turnout Saturday, everyone who came put their hearts into making little dresses.  There are some blessed little girls someplace in this world who are about to get one of these creations!

 If you're in the Greater Sacramento region, consider joining us - we usually meet on the first Saturday of the month...and though we adore the ladies who come with their machines to turn out these adorable little dresses, we appreciate the ones who can't sew but show up to iron, cut bias tape, make pockets, assemble kits, etc. Everyone is welcome!

And even thought we don't always know what part of the world our dresses will "land", we are just as blessed making it as they will be getting it.

Visit us on Facebook to find out more information!

Laurel. Sew Happy Thoughts!


  1. It's fun imagining all the places around the world your beautiful sewing could end up.

  2. Oh Laurel, I love ALL of those!!! Everytime I hear or read you tell about this project, it reminds me of a story my mother used to tell. When she was a small girl in probably the second grade or so, her family was pretty poor, and her clothes (dresses) were threadbare.Four boys and four girls, so it was a struggle to have anything, including enough food to go around. One day when she went to school, her teacher gave her a bag and told her not to open it until she got home from school. She waited, and when she opened it, there were several brand new dresses for her and her sisters. Apparently, her teacher sewed, and made them some dresses. My mom said her mother just cried, and the next day, mom said she thanked her teacher profusely. It makes me want to join you, so I can also put a smile on a young girl's face. I don't have a fancy machine (oh wait, I did just find out it's made by Janome!), but I did just get it tuned up and it sews!! I will have to find out more details from you.

  3. This project so resonates with my heart! Thanks for all you do Laurel - you have the biggest heart full of love! See you soon at Stonemountain! xoxoZan


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