Friday, January 16, 2015

David, "Phone Home..."

All bloggers understand that when we put ourselves out there on social media, we give up a certain amount of anonymity. All we have to do is Google our own names and we can see ourselves, our photos and our stuff plastered all over cyberspace. It can be somewhat disquieting but it's part of the game in which we have chosen to play.

So, David, on the off chance that you have succumbed to perusing the invasive social media jungle and one day happened upon my blog, today I wanted to invite you home - we're celebrating Mom's 90th birthday next month at Fat's Asian Bistro in Roseville at 6:00pm.

So grab a flight to Sacramento, rent a car, bring your appetite and share some Chinese with us! 

We're saving a place at the table for you. 

Love, Lo

Laurel. Sister Woman.


  1. An interesting way to contact someone. Sounds like you and your brother aren't close. I can relate as I haven't spoken to my brother in twelve years.

  2. Oh Laurel I do hope this works. :) Happy Birthday to your Mom. Hug B


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