Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Dress a Girl Serve Day

Imagine a world where every little girl has a new dress...that's the theme of Dress of Girl Around the World.

Every parent of a girl can identify and every parent understands the world is not a safe place for some girls.  The threats of slavery and abuse are very real for girls in parts of the world that we, living here in our warm safe homes can't even imagine.  A new dress on these little girls says "somebody cares about me...I am special."  It may not seem like a big deal to us, but it's a detractor against that abuse and it matters.

Some 200 men (yes men!), women and children gathered together on Bayside's annual Serve Day to make dresses for girls. It was a flurry of activity, even for those who don't sew. The room was alive with hope while little silent prayers were sent up to the "music" of the laughter, the making of new friends and the hum of the machines.

We all believed we will make a difference in a life. Here is our Serve Day story in pictures...

Sue packs up the day...Looking for a new home for our Sew Fests at Bayside.

Laurel. Loving Dress a Girl.


  1. Laurel, Sue and Sharon,
    I wanted to thank you ladies, and your volunteers for all the work you do to make Dress a Girl happen! My girlfriend works for Klov - Air1 radio, and asked me to join her at Sew Fest for a service day. I thought dress a girl, that's a great cause and I accepted the invitation. Also because we always have a great time sewing together. I wasn't expecting to get the feeling of "I got so much more than I gave" especially being a first timer, but I did. Seeing the selflessness of all the people at SewFest, the fellowship of the ladies that were sewing, ironing, cutting, and all the other craziness that was going on. It truly touched my heart. I am not a church goer, but it was lovely to see such a caring ministry in action. I'm hooked now, and I hope you would allow me to sew with your group again in the future.

  2. This is such a great activity and such a wonderful cause.

  3. Bless you dear. Every volunteer and every dress is such a gift and blessing. Merci.


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