Friday, May 30, 2014

Colette's Reward...

Professional dress forms right out of the box are like oversized Barbie dolls. Nobody has that figure. It's always amazed me that the Project Runway contestants use dress forms right out of the box.  The contestants usually have to alter everything they create once their live runway models come in for fittings.

My mini-me dress form Colette needed some major "enhancements" in order to mimic my size and shape when I first brought her home. I purchased a kit off the internet which consisted of a box of various foam pads and shapes to stuff into a stretchy cover. That was a couple of years ago. After several months of Whole 30 healthy eating, I shed some pounds, and Colette shed some padding.

To celebrate her more svelte form, I made her a new dress.  If you follow SuZan's blog, FabricLady,
you know that I made her a top out of this same knit fabric. I used a Burda top pattern ( #7645) and just kept adding length, converting it to a maxi-dress. I added splits up the sides at the hemline.

"Congrats on your weight loss, Colette" I said as I slipped the soft knit dress over her headless body.

"Thanks, Lo. It's good to get some of that foam off the girls. You should keep going with that weird eating thing you're working great for me!"

Colette is such a kidder.

Laurel. A little lighter.


  1. Colette is looking good Lo!!! Almost as good as you!

    1. Oh and I love this dress! I am wearing my top out of it today!

  2. That Colette. She always cracks me up.

  3. Congratulations to you and Colette for the healthy eating and shedding of extra cush. Your maxi dress is fabulous! Creative Sewing Bliss...


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