Monday, May 26, 2014

Drag and Drop...

I used to paint in oils...then came acrylics...I spent a few moments dabbling in watercolor... all of which I never really conquered.  My last painting still hangs on my living room wall, the last vestige left of my pseudo Van Gogh brain. I made a fabric art quilt too, and even have one in a half-finished state in my sewing room. I gazed over at it on the wall, thinking I should finish it. That was last week.

Scoff if you will, you true artists, but I will say it again - I love Polyvore. Sure, it's mostly about fashion, but there is a whole world of dark and twisted people who create the most amazing digital art using this web application. It's more addicting than blogging, per se, as results are pretty instantaneous. People view your creations (sets) and with a click of the mouse, they "Like" it. If they Like what you create, then they "Follow" you, just like blogging. I just surpassed 200 followers in a relatively quick 3 blog has eked out 77 followers after some 4 years. Go figure...

So am I better Polyvore than a writer? Who knows or even cares, for that matter. I still love to blog (write) AND I love digital artwork...and right now, I seem to be a Polyvore addict. It takes me the same length of time to create a Polyvore set as it does to write a blog post. I am all about creating something beautiful, something fanciful, something thought provoking, using digital images available on the web, Pinterest, etc. Drag and drop, cut and paste, clip and crop. Some of my art works have as many as 50 unique little images. It's like collage or scrap booking, only less messy.

Okay, there are some of my fellow Polyvores who must be designing for paperback Romance novel covers, but even those sets are amazingly complex. And you have to wonder where their minds are going...for me, it doesn't involve any brainpower whatsoever. The finished images just make me smile. A few of them I wish I could hang up on my wall...but then there's this whole digital pixel sizing limitation...maybe someday I graduate into creating in Photoshop...

Here are some of my favorites...and I say, don't scoff, until you've tried it.




And finally, this set is my very favorite..."Perchance to Dream"
 Laurel. Drag and Drop Queen.


  1. I wouldn't think to scoff. These images are great and I wouldn't have a clue as to how to create them.

  2. Hahaha..."If you can't say something nice, say it in French." Love it!! You have definitely mastered this form of art, in my opinion. Thank you for sharing your sets, Laurel.

  3. I have never seen Polyvore however your colleges are stunning. Creative Bliss...


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