Friday, July 5, 2013

Totally Random 2...

Sometimes you read a blog and you wonder "Who is this chick and where's she going with that?" I think that's why I love Nancy at A Rural Journal's meme on Fridays. It's a weekly linkup to share 5 facts/things about yourself.  I love the randomness of it all, reading about other bloggers' lives and loves...

If you know anything at all about me so far, you know that I AM Random. My brain's normal path is to traverse one side and create something beautiful and then randomly obsess over the long term yield on my IRA. Right brain, left brain...operating separately and somehow simultaneously. Totally random.

For instance...

1) I like to take photos of my feet...not because they are exceptionally cute or anything.  They are a picture of where they have been on any given day. When they travel, they want to remember that they had a great Chardonnay at 5:00 that day, or that they walked for miles just to see that waterfall.

2) I love flowers in my home but rarely treat myself. No reason...I just forget to buy them...or Winco just doesn't seem to have a good selection...or I think I'll save some money by picking something from the yard...

3) My sewing skills are not perfect...there, I said it, FabricLady. Some days either the stars are not aligned or my biorhythms are on the downswing and it just doesn't working for me. But I trudge onward,  wrestling with every seam, ripping, trimming, ripping. When the sewing gods abandon me, I usually throw in the towel, but some times...I fight to the death. Oh yeah, and I have an unusual allergy to working with Polyester, I guess.

4) Being on the water in a boat is among my favorite ways to de-stress. Two or three hours is the equivalent of a weeks vacation...and to actually watch a trout jump on the end of your line? Sublime. 

5) I love my home...everything about it. I love summer mornings in the courtyard and evenings by the pool. It's not a castle, but it makes me smile...

Laurel. Wishing you a peaceful summer weekend!


  1. Oh Laurel I love your five the randomness of this post and knowing more about what makes you tick makes me happy too.Love Nancy I take a lot of photos of my boots and shoes is that the same thing/:)Love your photos. B

  2. flowing between my right and left brain activities myself on this amazing Friday...looking forward to trying on that cute top you made :)

  3. I also love learning these random facts about you. I makes me feel like I know you better. Take care and Happy Weekend!

  4. You're right -- this is a fun link party! My favorite fact of yours is the last -- that you love your home. If you are at peace in your home, the world looks good! I love that photo with the blurred edges.

  5. Hi Laurel. Thanks for stopping by my random 5. We seem to have a lot in common, like a glass of wine in the evening, de-stressing on or near the water, retirement, etc. The one thing we don't have in common though is sewing. I do not like sewing. Never learned how. :0)
    Have a great weekend.

  6. Lovely photos and very relaxing -- your footy shot is cute. Love your courtyard too -- must be heaven to spend mornings there. xo

  7. Love the photo's, I like being home too. Cocktails on the deck is always a plus. Thanks for the visit. Appreciate your sweet words about the ghan.

    Keep stitching.


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