Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Farmer

Magpie Tales

Mag 177

photo by Agustin Berrocal

The Farmer

Hour upon hour stringing snap beans
Canning tomatoes and corn
 Peeling lugs of peaches in the shade,
Picking blackberries with the rattlesnakes
Fifty cents a gallon
Bright coins burning holes in pockets at Woolworth's.
Children sitting amid the tall grass
Shucking piles of corn lit by the morning sun
Weeding young melon sprouts
Row upon row in the afternoon sun 
Digging in the soft red dirt
Starchy treasure unearthed in the evening sun
Yukon Gold for the dinner table
Bragging that everything he cooked 
came from the land
Taking for granted earth's bounty, we ate then
Remembering now, at my urban table, how he smiled
Corn stuck between his teeth.

Laurel. Farm to table...oh yeah.


  1. The photo looks like something magical is going on, and i guess it is. Food growing from the ground is

  2. Such visions, all my senses agree!

  3. I loved the homey feeling I got upon reading your piece. And the stuck corn. Adorable. :)

  4. You are describing my generation .... beautifully.

  5. A country life far removed from anything I've ever known... :)

  6. this is such a lovely recollection of things we just don't see much of now days. so refreshing!

  7. Love those last few lines ... such honest pride that could care less about corn in the teeth or dirt in the fingernails! ... this captures the farming spirit perfectly!

  8. Gone for now, but will be back soon i think....not a bad way of living , is it ?

  9. So much work goes into good food. It's amazing to watch it grow.


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