Friday, June 28, 2013

Time away from it all...

Even in retirement (I use the term loosely), you need to take time away from your normal routine for a spell...a time for relaxation and rejuvenation. Personally, if I only have a few days, I prefer to be somewhere near the water. I like to take my knitting, my camera, a good book and a nice Chardonnay to sip while taking in nature's beauty.

This year, I have finally succumbed to the art of fishing.  It's something that the Dave and I can do together and truthfully, when you are on a beautiful lake watching your pole rise and fall with the waves, there is nothing more relaxing.

Though the weatherman did not forecast sunny/moderate days ahead, we gathered up a couple of friends and headed for Eagle Lake anyway. Despite the wind and rain, the clouds did part long enough to get our limit of juicy trout.

Did You say something to me, God?

Okay, I heard You that time!

Though there are few similarities between sewing a fine garment and catching a fish, the end result is the same: pure satisfaction...a period at the end of a beautifully composed sentence...the final chord of a sonata...

an Eagle Lake trout...

watching the moon rise over the lake...

enjoying the company of friends...

As much as we'd like to stay on vacation forever, we need to get back to the real world - back to our appointments and errands, back to our family obligations, back  to our quasi-work...back to our SEWING!!!

On the ride home, we stopped at Truckee (oh the shops!) to grab a bite... one pass beside a boutique window and I my brain is already back to designing stuff for me and Suzan, aka Fabric Lady/Daughter of Stonemountain and Daughter Fabrics.

Oh yea, baby..I could make that in a heartbeat!

See Dave patiently waiting as I drool on the window...

My friend's little pooch is ready for home too...

I am "The Bologna Lady" to sweet Roxie

I feel like I've been gone for a many projects waiting for me, my brain is spinning!! Unpacking can wait...I need to get back to my little corner of the world!

Laurel. Do something you love!


  1. Enjoy your every moment of life :)


  2. That's a spectacular trout. I hope you ate it.

  3. "Laurel. Do something you love!" Oh I can see you are. Beautiful beautiful Beautiful. Have fun on your vacation it can last as long as you want in your head later so store those memories up, they are incredible. "Bologna lady":)

  4. Love how you caught that beautiful trout and the great image of the spectacular Super Moon. Sitting here on a foggy day in the bay dreaming of our collaboration and a custom wardrobe! Living in the moment of pure satisfaction and looking forward to seeing you on your next trip to Stonemountain!

  5. p.s. how about we make a video of our dance together next time you come?!!!!


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