Sunday, July 21, 2013

"It's not a diet..."

A few days ago I posted photos of a wedding cake that I made for friends on Facebook and remarked how difficult it was to be around all that sugary sweetness when you're on a "diet". 

I was referring to the Whole9 nutritional way of eating, a Paleo approach to eating healthy advocated by my friend Suzan, the FabricLady. I had no sooner made that Facebook comment and up pops Suzan's reprimand (I'm surprised she didn't capitalize it, given her passion for Whole9):

"It's not a diet...."


Call it what you like, it fits right into my wheelhouse, this style of eating. I have been enjoying lots of eggs, meat, veggies and fruits.  I've eliminated pastas, breads, white "stuff" (rice, potatoes), most dairy, processed foods, 
and....what for!

That's not to say I haven't deviated in the last month with a glass here and there, but for the most part,  I have been pretty good.

I love tomatoes and it's the only vegetable that I have room for in my tiny raised garden bed.  
This year, I had a bumper crop...the cage fell over from the weight.

My sweet Owen raiding Grandma's garden...

It's NOT a diet in the sense of the Adkins, Jenny Craig, etc. 
(which I have tried all of them)
 but for me, it's an 
eating lifestyle that consists of good, healthy food 
and I love it!!! 

I feel better. Now I need to start walking again.

Side benefit of eating healthier? I've lost 10.5 pounds.

Laurel. Happy Sunday!

P.S. If you want to learn more about eating Whole9, go to Suzan's Blog, FabricLady.  She writes about it all the time!


  1. Love Owen's picture. Happy Weekend.

  2. Oh, good for you Laurel, losing that 10 pounds! Eating healthy does make one feel so much better.

  3. I am 200% with you healthy eating and less last minute diets.
    Great post and delicious foos.

  4. Love the look of your blog Laurel! You are such an inspiration to me and fun to grow in awareness together!
    What more is possible?!!! See you soon, dear friend!

  5. I can't wait until my tomatoes ripen ! I have a patio tomato plant with little ones to get me through until the big ones are ready. We have had alot of rain and my plants are getting huge! :)


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