Friday, June 21, 2013

Two women...Two blogs...One goal

Last week I wrote about meeting the FabricLady and our new adventure into the art of sewing fashion garments. (See My Exciting New "Gig")The FabricLady is Suzan Steinberg, the "daughter" of of Stonemountain and Daughter Fabrics in Berkeley. Suzan's new adventure includes a new healthy eating lifestyle and an updated wardrobe. My new adventure is making her new wardrobe using the awesome fabrics from her store. And both of us plan to share the whole experience on each of our blogs.

I used to live near Lake Merritt in Oakland in the late 60's and worked in Berkeley at Cutter Laboratories down on 4th and Parker.  During the week, I did some nasty things to rats, mice and rabbits (which still haunts me) but in the evenings and weekends I sewed hippie dresses and wedding gowns. Despite my middle-America suburban/retirement lifestyle these days, I still feel a warm kinship with the whole Berkeley vibe and love the drive to Stone Mountain. I heard that Chez Panisse just re-opened so me and a couple of foodie friends will be traveling down for lunch after a fitting with Suzan.

Guess who else is happy about my new adventure? Yep, Colette. One of the benefits of sewing for Suzan is that I also pick out gorgeous new fabrics for me (and Colette!). My new fabric of choice for the summer is Linen. Several weeks ago, I picked up a beautiful linen/flax fabric ("Nevada") to make a pair of crop pants. I made the pattern off of pair of Tommy Bahama linen pants that I paid way too much money for.  Colette loves it when I save money by sewing for myself.

This week, I made the same crop pants out of a handkerchief linen with an elastic waist.  Our mothers hated linen because it wrinkled, but we love it for the very same reason! It's cool, breathable and easy to sew - I swear, it took me less than an hour to whip these crop pants up!  I even had Suzan try my "crops" on yesterday, and even though they were too big (Colette and I are a little heftier than Suz) she picked out some linen for a pair for herself.

Please join Suzan and I as we work together to get women sewing again. I've already had several friends drag out their machines, dust them off and start sewing.  And since everyone loves a road trip, the list of  friends that want to go with me "the next time you're going to Stone Mountain" just keeps growing!

Laurel. Colette thinks I should try Suzan's diet:(


  1. Oh I am so excited for you and Colette and you a Hippy that is very cool.
    I look forward to seeing more of your creations and I too like linen but it does wrinkle:) B

  2. This is a wonderful new venture you and Suzan and Colette are on. Love the linen crop pants. I have always sewn however the price of fabrics and patterns has me forgoing the self-sewn clothing. Maybe you ladies with your two blogs will inspire me to rethink that. Happy Hearts are Creative Hearts...

  3. It's been a while since we've seen Colette. I was getting worried about her, but I must say she looks fine. And such a snappy dresser.


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