Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Shopping..check! Decorating...check!

Thanksgiving weekend is a big weekend for me.  Besides having family and friends over for the "All you can eat" marathon, the entire next few days are packed. I mean, we have TRADITIONS!!!

What would Thanksgiving be without watching the Macy's parade over breakfast?

The day after Thanksgiving starts early by downing some orange juice and a couple of Tums, then heading for the's Black Friday!!!!  Though I peruse the 100 pages of ads from Thursday's paper, I rarely set out to find the bargains. My goal is to follow my daughter and daughter-in-law through the stores of their choosing, let them show me the bargains and what what the grand kids want for Christmas. 

"Ooh, Kellie would like that..." my daughter exclaims.  I snatch it out of her hands, and throw it in my basket. One present...check!

"Owen said he wanted that," my daughter -in-law says, as she contemplates spending that much money.

"I'll get it."  I throw it into my basket. And so the day goes. I got this Black Friday thing hair pulling, trampling or rushing. I leave the stores, bags of gifts in hand and head for home. I shopping is DONE for 9 grand kids!!!! Bonus - leftovers for dinner!

Saturday is Christmas Tree Cutting Day with the fam.  Even though I have a stunning artificial tree, we go to watch everyone else saw down trees.  It's Small Business Saturday, so after some biscuits and gravy, we head for Cool Forest.

Many friends an families join in this annual event. The forest was crisp and beautiful this Saturday morning.

The day is topped off by gathering at a local pizza place for a few pitchers of hearty ale and lots of pizza. We chat and laugh and watch all the kids beg for quarters for the games. Dave dauddles over his brew because he knows what's waiting at home....that's right, big boy...CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS need to come down from the shelves!!!!

Sunday is my all-in decorating day.  Out with the Fall decor and in with the RED stuff!!!  It usually takes me two days to finish everything, but it's worth the effort, because 


Laurel. I'm 'bout you??


  1. You should win a Christmas spirit award. Your holiday decorations are incredible and put ours to shame...when I get around to putting them up.

  2. I love your Christmas I am getting all excited right along with you. Thank you I forgot how much fun it is.
    Enjoy that family of yours and those traditions. B


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