Sunday, November 25, 2012

"I Coulda Been a Contendah..."

Among the many things I admired about my husband when we first met 30 years ago was his devotion to his two boys.  Since I didn't have much experience with decent men who put their kids first, I was pretty impressed. But after his kids - if you like to put stuff in order, e.g "God, Country, Family, etc." - Dave's number two love was (and still IS) golf. He learned to play when he was young with his beloved Uncle Ralph and for well over 50 years has been working on achieving that illusive single digit handicap.

So it should come as no surprise that he wanted me to learn to play. I had just landed my "corporate" job and according to Dave, if I wanted to get anywhere in that company I better learn to play with the big boys. My new boss was also an avid golfer who took his clubs to every meeting we ever attended and stopping for a quick nine on the way out of town was obligatory.

Unlike the countless husbands of less than perfect golfing wives, Dave was a great teacher.  He was patient and beyond giving me the basics about stance, grip and swing, he quietly watched me hack my way from tee to green, offering occasional hints here and nagging, no criticizing, no "just pick up your ball, honey!" comments.  Somewhere in the middle of ghastly slices and skulled wedge shots, I learned to play respectably.  And if you listen to Dave, I'm pretty good.  He tells all his golfing friends "Laurel could be a tremendous golfer...if she would just PLAY!" 

And there's the rub - it just takes too much time to play a round of golf, and we all know I have more pressing things to do in my retirement. I played so much when I was corporate - tournaments, charity events, the company league, etc., mostly because it was expected. But these days, I am a "fair weather" golfer.  Ask Dave...he will tell you that I only play when it's Fall or Spring, 80 degrees outside, puffy white clouds in the sky, and on a course with pristine greens, maybe some mossy rocks, lots of trees or the ocean nearby, not too crowded. Hence, I maybe golf once a year...maybe.

Last week, the rain scooted out for a day, the sun came out and I wanted to play. My favorite course in the area is Turkey Creek, a challenging course east of Lincoln, CA...pretty course, lot's of Fall trees, ponds and traps.  It was a stunning day.  Along with my clubs, I took a Snickers and my camera.

What would "Turkey Creek Golf Course" be without turkeys??

Or deer???

I made it over this water balls for Laurel!
This isn't the Masters folks...just hit the ball!!
By the back nine, I'm starting to peter out....
made it over this one too....
Such a pretty day...such a pretty course...
And what better way to finish off a round of golf???
Yea, the guys have it right....I passed on the cigar, but...
Did I mention that I shot a 106...not too bad for somebody that hasn't golfed in a couple of years...
but definitely NOT ready for the Tour...
Laurel. Four!!!


  1. I don't get out and play as much as I used to either. I switched country clubs and haven't found a league I like at the new club. Your description of your day makes me miss it!

  2. I've never had the occasion to play golf on a certified course but do rather well with cow patty golfing. The point in this game is to scatter the cow patty. The fun increases if you can hit a target.

    Sounds like the perfect day weather wise.

  3. I never took up the game but my in-laws were avid golfers who seldom missed an opportunity to play a few holes.

  4. I am impressed I think you look fabluous in that cart and he should be proud. What a beautiful course. I am afraid with all the incredible wildlife I would not be able to concentrate on the ball.:) B


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