Sunday, November 18, 2012

It's Not Vermont, but....

at least it's here. Fall!!! Yep, I'm a Fall junkie and I have been waiting for weeks to see some color here in California. I'm sure that all the brilliant leaves are long gone at Becky's house in Quechee and probably most of them at Diane's place in the Blue Ridge mountains, but we have to wait forever for the richness of Fall to hit the Golden State.

But when it finally hits, we do have some pretty colors, even in my little neck of woods in the Valley. I took a little drive around the neighbor hood after church.

Did I mention Fall is my favorite time of the year....




Laurel.  Good day to sit by the fire, huh???



  1. some splendid photos

    thanks so much for sharing

  2. Oh some lovely autumn pictures here - the colours are wonderful.

  3. These colors are mind boggling. So beautiful.

  4. We had a killer wind and then more rain. Most of our color is gone already. Of course, we usually only get a colorful fall once in maybe five years. So we enjoy the fall colors that we do get all the more.


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