Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Some days blogging just doesn't work. I haven't posted in a few days and I really wanted to write something clever or inspirational or humorous. When you sit down at your keyboard and stare at the screen for over two minutes before an idea materializes, you may want to rethink putting up a post.

I pulled up my photos and panned through the folders looking for inspiration for a post.  Since I had been a little slack this week by just posting photos, I decided that I needed something with meat in it. I wanted to be clever...funny.  I stumbled upon a picture of my new dress form and was chuckling over the trauma of applying extra padding to her shape so that she mirrored my ample figure.

But here's the deal with writing: you can't fake it.  If the brain isn't working, then go do something else, like laundry or exfoliation. Watch television. Renew your prescriptions...anything mindless.  No matter how many times I started  my opening paragraph on Colette (I name everything, including my dress form), my sentences were boring and banal.  Trust me, stuffing Colette with extra padding was hilarious, but I could not seem to communicate even the slightest degree of the humor of that experience today.

Because I am a right/left brain person, I began to analyze my lack of writing skills on this day.  Okay, so I have been a little swamped getting things together for the road trip.  And yes, I had to make 10 bracelets this week for a friend who needed some thank you gifts.  And I did need to finish a little dress for my granddaughter to wear on her family's Cruise.  Then there is the ever present Colette just standing there in the corner, waiting to have fabric draped on her...patiently...calling my name.

Conclusion: Granted, I guess I'm a little pre-occupied this afternoon.  But it wasn't the busyness of my week that had left me brain dead. The kicker and the root of my lack of humor stems from the mental remnants of a meeting I attended this morning.  I am a lay counselor at our church and we counselors meet regularly to hone our listening skills and learn from experts about common issues and problems that everyday women face.  And today's topic was sexual abuse.  Ugly, ugly, ugly.  Horrific, even. Insidious. Try being clever after that meeting. I left feeling like I had just been slimed...and heart broken for the many women AND CHILDREN who have suffered at the hands of predators and abusers.


So I'll just post a picture of my Colette, and tell you her story some other day.


After several dozen wedding gowns, decades of buying Butterick and Vogue patterns and hundreds of yards of fabric, I finally got my dress form.  If you have sewn as long as I have then you can certainly understand my excitement at the prospect of designing clothes using draping and other techniques that having a life size twin affords.

I mentioned in a previous post that I did a lot of research before I chose the PGM Pro.  I read that the smart thing to do was to buy a smaller size than your actual dress size and measurments and then buy a fitting kit to  dressform.

Laurel. Brain Dead.

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  1. Give your brain a chance to recharge. We, your fans, will wait patiently. Take care.


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