Sunday, February 15, 2015


This Fall we are traveling to Texas to join Dave's high school friends for their 50th class reunion. As much as I love road trips, we decided to fly this year to spend more time with family and friends.  We have driven to Texas several times in our 30 year marriage...once with the kids when we were first married, another time to celebrate another class reunion.

Road trips are our trip to France this past year, you see a lot more country from the front seat of a car. As well, you can stop whenever and wherever you want. Dave and I laugh with fond memories of a road trip with his mother and aunt, taking them back to their birthplace in Kentucky. 

If you have never been in a car with two aging sisters, you would be in for a treat. One would think that time would settle all old arguments and jealousies, but that is never the case.  Once a sister, always a sister. Whether you were the youngest or the oldest, the perceived injustices of childhood never truly go away, they just mellow.

I in the front seat, beading away on my daughter's wedding dress...Dave driving a mile long Mercury through the rural roads of Kentucky...and Mom and Auntie in the back seat, "mis-remembering" everything. It was all we could do to keep from laughing aloud at some of the conversations between these two sisters. It was like time stood still and they were both taken back to their childhood. 

It reminded me that a sister is for life. Even though I don't keep in touch with mine very often, when we get together, it's like we were never separated.  My mom is celebrating her 90th birthday this coming weekend, and I will get to host my Sis and her hubby for the festivities. Perhaps we will shop, perhaps we will cook, but most of all, we will laugh...and even mis-remember fondly the details of our growing-up years together, whose doll was the prettiest or which side of the bed was "hers"!

I sorely miss my Mother-in-Law and beloved sister, the sweetest little Southern women...the way they used to make them.

Hey sister of you think we can get our daughters to take us on a road trip when we get old?

Laurel.  Sisters are forever.

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  1. I never had a sister so I can't imagine what that's like. My brother and I haven't spoken in decades, his choice not mine. But I'm glad you can enjoy your sister, even in a limited way.


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