Friday, February 21, 2014

Something Out of Nothing

In case you haven't noticed on Pinterest lately, there are tons of examples of recycled clothing. Only they don't call it recycling any more - when you take something old and make it into something new, it's now called "re-purposing" or "upcycling". You can find people making  making dresses out of men's dress shirts, aprons out of old skirts, and skirts upcycled from blue jeans.

I have to admit, I'm fascinated with this whole idea...not that I'm "Green" or anything, but I like the idea of taking something that I never wear and somehow converting to something that I will, rather than toss it into the Goodwill bag. I do have to say that many of the Upcycling ideas on the Internet are a tad too "Shabby Chic/vintage" for my style...too many ruffles and raw, raveling edges.

What has always appealed to me as a seamstress is finding a photo or trying an outfit on and then figuring out how to make something like it from scratch. Upcycling may be another way to achieve some of the looks that I have found.

For instance ...I LOVE this blouse that I found on Pinterest... I love the lace on the sleeves combined with the fabric.

I have a black stretchy lace blouse that I purchased several years ago for New Years. I haven't worn it since, as it looks...well, let's just say that the stretch factor seems to have shrunk on my ample bosom (LOL!).  I also had a piece of very soft thin gray and black printed knit that I've had since last summer - I have never been sure it I really liked it after I bought it. 

I cut the the blouse off and then fashioned a bodice out of the knit.  The result is Colette's first upcycled creation! I'm thinking it will go great with my black skinny jeans.

Yesterday, my daughter and I went to "Nasty Goodwill" - that's the regional distribution center where they throw everything in giant bins and you need gloves and hand sanitizer to claw your way through things.  Amy is usually successful finding lots of housewares and bric-a brac to upcycle into yard art, but I always hope to find clothing articles that I can Upcycle.  Yesterday was not very successful, other than a very large chiffon print nightie that I could potentially do something with - the print is soft and lovely, but we'll see.  Stay tuned.

Laurel.  Very "Green" today!!!


  1. I adore your lovely grey floral with the black lace. This is beautiful and will definitely go with skinny black jeans. Tres Chic Dear...

  2. Laurel, that is amazingly beautiful! You have inspired me to go dig out those 'one time only worn' pieces in my closet to see what they might evolve fun!


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