Saturday, February 8, 2014

Loving Polyvore...

Half the fun of traveling for me is in the planning, especially for my travel wardrobe.  This trip I want to accomplish several goals when it comes to planning what to take:

1) I don't want to look like a tourist, if that's possible.

2.) I don't want to over pack.

3.) I want to make many of the items that I plan to take

I have been having way too much fun lately with Polyvore, an app that allows you to pick items that are for sale and turn the images into a collage...kinda like Pinterest on steroids. On the Polyvore site, I can peruse hundreds of styles of pants, tops, jackets, accessories, etc and put them all together for a travel "look". Polyvore calls my collage of these items a "set". 

The Polyvore App appeals to my artistic nature, in that I can pair my wardrobe pieces with backgrounds, textures, and text etc. to make a pretty "Set". But the real advantage is that I have a place to store my wardrobe ideas for future reference.

I just figured out how to post my Set into my blog using HTML, so I'm thinking that I can blog about how I took my imaginary set in Polyvore and converted it to real life using my sewing, careful shopping and jewelry making skills. 

And then write about it!!

I will purchase some of the items for my wardrobe, but as you might expect, me and the fabrics at Stonemountain and Daughter Fabrics are going to rock it! Since we will be driving a lot, I will have to have a certain amount of travel friendly pieces...but the real fun is planning for the Paris leg of our trip. For that, throw out practicality and bring on the fashion!!!

Laurel. Newly minted Polyvore addict.


  1. So glad you are enjoying Polyvore. Welcome to the community! Hope you create more and shop the styles you love. You can learn to embed your sets on your blog here:

  2. Your three goals are very doable. Now if there were only a way to seriously not overpack...yet have every perfect item. Creative Bliss...


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