Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Portrait of My Mother...

Every other Wednesday I travel to see my Mom.  Between my brother and I, we make sure that she has all her grocery shopping done and whatever errands she might have to accomplish that week. She's 88 years old and sharp as a tack - we attribute her good health and stamina to the countless hours she spends "farming" her small city lot.

Today, we visited a gallery where my brother was exhibiting some of his photographs. It was a small gallery next to an old theater where I remember catching a flick or two,  but his stunning black and white landscapes of the Sutter Buttes lit up the space.

And like any mother, Mom is proud of her "baby boy".


Please enjoy Joe's artful eye on

Laurel. Coveting a new Nikon.


  1. Your mother is remarkable, and your brother's photographs are wonderful.

  2. Oh this post makes me happy what a great achievement for your brother and your Mom well what can I say but amazing bless her. Hug B


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