Sunday, August 11, 2013

Me, Colette and the Viking

Colette (in the other room): "Did you just say a swear word?"

Me: "You heard that?"

Colette: "Yes, I hear everything you say, Laurel. What's up?"

Me: "Your friend, the Viking, isn't working right."

The Viking silently winces.

Colette: "What's the matter with her?"

Me: "Her stitches are all bonkers."

Colette: "Is that a technical term? She isn't that old...she shouldn't be acting all weird."

The Viking moans.

Me: "That settles it...I'm out of business and she's gonna have to go to see Bill."

Bill: "It sounds like it might just be a motor, but I will have to 'triage' her and then give you an estimate.  You may want to think about getting a backup machine."

Me: "Huh? How long will you keep her?"

Bill: "Four to six weeks...have to order parts."

The Viking quits altogether, despondent that she can't make stitch No. 8. Or 5. or any number for that matter.

Colette: "And all I have to do is stand moving parts, no computers, no buttons. I am woman,. hear me roar!"

  Thank you FabricLady for breaking out your Viking for me.

Laurel.  Keeping the factory on line.


  1. I LOVE your blogs, Laurel. They are informative, personal and entertaining. Keep 'em coming! Kathy Sherman

  2. Colette, who I enjoy immensely, is very self-assured for someone who doesn't have a head.


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