Sunday, May 19, 2013

Senior Ball...

I love it when my granddaughter asks me to take photos of her. This photo shoot was for her Senior Ball, the last formal dance of her high school years. I barely remember my Senior Ball, but I can say for sure that I, nor any of my friends, looked anything like this!!

I used Pic Monkey to edit these photos...I like all the effects you can get and it is infinitely easier to use than my Photoshop.

But when someone is as pretty as this girl, who can miss? Yes, I am a proud Grandma!!!

My daughter (hairdresser) did her up-do and the wonderful red color!!!!

Laurel. And she's a beast on the soccer field...


  1. I love the dress and her hair. She looks so pretty. And you are a good photographer. :)

  2. Great photographs of a lovely young lady.


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