Thursday, May 23, 2013

A little Settings Change...

Is anyone else getting Spammed by bozos who want to sell you something?  They drop into one of my older posts, and leave some Anonymous comment that has nothing to do with my post and then refer me to their website or blog to cure my erectile dysfunction or my paunchy stomach???

Whatever!!!!  I have changed my settings, so approval is required on comments.

I dislike these people intensely!

But here's a nice photo for you...

Laurel.  Just Sayin'....


  1. That is a nice photo. I know what you mean by these annoying spammers. I recently checked an old post and saw that it had 600 comments. All but thirty were spam. Take care.

  2. How annoying. I set my comments to registered users only, so that takes care of those pesky anonymous commenters.


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