Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Two More Shopping Days 'til Doomsday...

You gotta love the Internet...I get some of my best belly laughs and worst frustrations reading some of the nonsense in the social media. Despite the hoopla surrounding the Winter Solstice and the impending end of the world, my more rational and spiritual sides say I'm still going to be around for 2013.

I'm not much of a resolution kind of girl, but in light of the fact that the Mayan Calender WILL just keep plugging along, I asked the hubby what he wanted to do in 2013.  I always ask these kinds of deep questions when he's trapped in the car, driving somewhere, as every woman knows that's when you get your best responses. Despite their pretense of concentrating on the jerk who just cut them off, they ARE thinking about what you said and trying to figure out a way to answer without getting in a full scale assault. This time, my question was rather banal, so for him, it was easy: 'build the outdoor cabinet around my Green Egg". He didn't say 'golf more' or fish more', as that is a given.

"What about you?", he asks. Yeah Baby, that's what I'm talking about. We all know that we women ask those kinds of questions because what we really want is to answer our own questions. But even as I asked him, I wasn't really sure if I knew what I wanted to do in 2013.  After a mile or two down the street, I said 'I guess I want more of the same.'  Yeah, more of the same, but more of it. And maybe more "better" too...

* More good times with friends. I love my little social groups - the knitting ladies, the book club ladies, the foodie ladies, the sewing ladies. I love my Monday Night Friends, my spiritual rocks.

* More knitting. They say there's a hobby for every person depending on your personality type...over thinkers, like me should knit. It must be true, I read it on the Internet.  Seriously, it must be true, as it's pretty hard to worry about your IRA account when you're counting YOs, K1 P2s. More lace!

* Cheaper (and better) wine. Just knowing that I found a good cab in Costco for $8.99 brings a smile to my face. Who doesn't like the BevMo $.05 cent sale?

* More short day trips. Exploring our region is always pretty in Central California with lots of little towns left unvisited, country roads to be discovered, small shops to find.

* More lunches out. Eating good food is an important facet of my retirement life. Dave collects write-ups in the paper about restaurants and cuisines and saves them in a folder.  When we are looking for something to do, we go to the folder and pick a place to try.

* More (and better?) serving. I LOVE my sewing ministry for Dress a Girl Around the world, so more of that! Perhaps finding another way to serve in my community...

* More of the same things that made me smile in 2012. Sitting by the fire, watching good television programming (could we get some of that, please?), sewing a nice outfit for Colette, finishing a sweater, cooking a great meal, loving my grandchildren and enjoying our family traditions.

Yep, just more of the same in 2013. Okay, maybe I could lose some weight...and get more excerise...maybe we could re-do the hallway floor...what about new carpet? Finish the Art Quilt?? A trip to Europe?? Cruise????

If by chance the psychos are right about December 21st, my shopping IS done.

What are you doing in 2013???

Laurel. I'm still here.  You?


  1. The sewing ministry seems like such a rewarding program, especially for those without someone to sew for.

  2. I can really relate to this post. I don't know what I want in 2013 other than good HEALTH! Without good health nothing else really matters. My world is not ending per the Mayan calendar...nor did the millennium create havoc. I do hope I will be able to do some very serious de-cluttering this coming year as I never want to be considered a hoarder. I admit to being a pack-rat and that is bad enough. Thank you for writing this so I can really focus on what I want next year. Holiday Blessings...


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