Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Blogging Award...

It's so nice to know that people notice and like your blog!!!


Laurel's Quill has been nominated for the Liebster Blog Award by Ana at The Lost Apron. The Liebster Blog Award is an award you receive and an award that you give to bloggers with less than 200 followers. It was created to promote appreciation and recognition among the blog world.   Liebster translates to "dearest" (or favorite/best) in German. It is also known as the Love Blog Award.

Yay...I am loved...and isn't that WHY we blog????

The Rules for the Liebster Award:
1. You must post 11 random things about yourself.
2. Answer the questions that the nominator set for you.
3. Create 11 questions for the people you nominate.
4. Choose 11 blogs you love (with less than 200 followers) and link them in your post.
5. No tag back (but please leave me a comment on this post with the URL to your Liebster post so I can learn more about you)!

So here goes....first I must post

11 Random Things about Laurel...

1.) I operate out of both sides of my brain: artistic and analytical - while I am creating, I over think everything.
2.) I am a reformed slob who is obsessed with having everything pretty around me.
3.) I have a BA in Economics, which is of no earthy use whatsoever...unless of course you want to understand the supply curve of your favorite fragrance at Bath and Body and why it's been discontinued.
4.) I am fun.
5.) I have a heart for single Mother's (I was one), for women who are hurting (I used to be one), and for women who lost children (I did).
6.) I play the (at) piano. I'm not very good, but my Kawai ebony grand is stunning!!  LOL! 
7.) I took ballet lessons when I was in my early 20's. HUH???
8.) I have bad knees...DUH!
9.) My favorite thing to do is wander around in a cute little town with cute little shops. Or go to the wine country. Or travel to Europe.
10.) I am a middle child and all that it entails.
11.) I am beloved by God. (And that's probably the most important thing about me)


Questions that I have to answer, set by Ana, my nominator:
1.)  What is your favorite holiday tradition that your family does? I  invented my own holiday, Fall Family Dinner, as it is difficult to get everyone together on the traditional holidays.

2. What is your favorite type of exercise? Walking. But I'm not very diligent.

3. Where are you longing to travel to? The list is long, but probably Italy (again).  I'd love to cruise, but Dave isn't keen on that again.

4. What is your pet peeve? Whiners.

5. Why did you decide to blog? I love to write, and I do a lot of creative things...so I wanted to have an outlet to combine my loves.

6. What is a special skill that you have? I can make a gorgeous wedding cake, sew a wedding gown, and tie a knot in a cherry stem with my tongue:)

7. What is your favorite pastime? knitting...today. maybe sewing tomorrow.

8. What is the one thing you do differently than your mom? I don't like gardening. She's 87 and still "farms" her city lot.

9. What is one of your time wasters? Picking up my iPhone, and all that it entails.

10. What was your favorite comment on your blog about? Hard to pick one.  I can say that I get the most comments on posts when I link up to Magpie Tales.

11. What have you made (created) that you are most proud of? My first Art Quilt.

And There Ya have it!!!! More information than you probably ever wanted!  Now it's my turn to do the asking. I am passing along the Liebster Award to some of my favorite blogs! Don't forget to visit their blogs!

Just My Thoughts
Always Smiling
Samantha Anderson Photography
As if By Magic
Beauty in the Ordinary
Bethany Marie
Texas Supernatural Tales for Youngins
Lazy Cowgirl
My Life as a Broken Umbrella
And My life Goes on

And FINALLY.... Here's my questions for all the great bloggers above:

1.) What did you think you wanted to be when you grew up?
2.) What makes your blog unique?
3.) What are you reading right now?
4.) Name your favorite all time job and why?
5.) What is your favorite childhood memory?
6.) If you had a top 10 list of anything, what would be Number 1 on it?
7.) Drive or Fly? And where to?
8.) If you won the lottery, what would you buy first?
9.) When you're feeling down, what is your "pick me up"?
10.) Which of your blog posts got you the most page views?
11.) What would your best friend say is your most endearing quality?

Note to nominees: Please leave me a comment with your post so I can read up on you. Also link back to this post on your blog. (Please do not be offended if you have way more than 200 followers.)

Laurel. Thanks Ana.


  1. Congratulations on winning this fine award. Most deserving, and I'll be sure to check out these blogs you've nominated. Thanks for bringing them to my attention.

  2. Congratulations Laurel. It is fun to read more about you and your style. Thank you for passing the Leibster on to me. I shall have to work up my post for this one. Holiday Bliss...

  3. Congratulations, Laurel!! Love your blog. Well deserved award!

  4. Thanks Laurel! I appreciate the honor. I've passed the award on to any of my blog followers with less than 200. You have a lovely blog here. :)

  5. Laurel! Thank you so much for nominating me. I've met so many creative people and visited so many blogs that I am humbled by anyone who appreciates my little slice of the world. I will post soon!
    Hugs, Kim


Thanks for visiting my blog. I appreciate all those who share and leave their comments very much. Laurel

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