Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ready for Fall?

I don't really care if it's going to be 96 degrees today, it's technically Fall and I'm going with it. To me, Fall begins in September when school USED TO start. When you live in the country, you walked to the end of the gravel driveway and waited for the school bus.  The mornings were crisp and smelled like dry grass and tar weed, over baked from the scorching summer sun. Some days, there was a mist hanging in the air against the hillside.  The spring garden by the fence was now home for sprawling weeds, overripe melons and tough skinned tomatoes. Morning oatmeal rebelled in your stomach as you waited.

Fall doesn't seem to last very long around here, probably because our autumns in the valley are more like Indian summers. The sun sets earlier but it stays warm. Before you know it, Thanksgiving dinner is just a memory and it's time to decorate for Christmas. But right now, it's already October and the annual houseboat trip is over, signalling the official beginning of  my Fall.

"Let's decorate", I say to myself. 

What can I do with this room? We have guests coming in a month and I hate it.  Bor-ing!

Okay, let's drag out the mulling spices for the stove...

Two trips to Goodwill so far...did I mention that I'm reinventing myself this Fall...
Less stuff, less clutter.

I finally went through my Victoria Magazine collection and purged the duplicates.
Wish I could find a home for these...

Wonder if Terry at
wants them????
Anyone??? Some date into the 1990's...
At least, Colette is ready for Fall.  I finished her poncho...a luscious Manos wool from Uruguay.  Gonna look great with jeans...if it ever starts to really act like Fall.
I noticed that my chrysanthemums are ready to burst...
And I have firewood on the side yard for the "non-particulate days"...
I'm ready...Fall where are you????
Laurel.  How 'bout you???


  1. Your post sent me to such a warm and fuzzy place...until that last picture.

  2. You are soooo ready for Fall. Me too. Now if we can just convince Mother Nature!

  3. Your post is so "homey", I love it... until I was creeped out by the photo!

    Thank you for sharing your lovely home. :)

    1. It's my Halloween portrait...actually I ws messing with Picmonkey...

  4. You are so ready for fall...and halloween!!


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