Tuesday, December 9, 2014

In love with the little things...

My friend Sue is hosting a table at our church's annual Women's Christmas Brunch.  Sue is the Area Coordinator for Dress a Girl Around the World, so naturally nothing but a DAG theme would do for the centerpiece...which I readily volunteered to make for the table.

Because my daughter is so crafty, I invited her over to help out. We had so much fun making the miniature sewing tools and supplies needed to make the perfect little dresses - just like the real ones we make every month at DAG sewfests.  The main part of the centerpiece is about 12-13 inches tall, but what's a DAG centerpiece if it doesn't have a globe representing the places where little girls live?  So our centerpiece is a little over the legal height limit, but no one will notice because it's so darn cute!!!

A jewelry stand, little doll clothes hangers and other miniature stuff, 
add a few Christmas touches and a wield a mean hot glue gun...

I printed tiny images of bias tape on sticky labels...

The tiny dresses brought back memories of sewing doll clothes...tedious, but fun.

My favorite items are the tiny bolts of fabric...

Cuteness Overload!!!
Thanks for your help, Amy!!!

Laurel. Michael's is my friend.


  1. Love the colors and festive seasonal charm of this post. Take care.

  2. Thank you for such an extremely adorable centerpiece! My Mom is just "sew" tickled with it! :-D

  3. It truly is a cuteness overload. So festive and colorful.


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