Monday, September 22, 2014

Was it the Buffet or the Anticipation?

On the road to Paris...

I guess I'm excited about being in Paris today, after some two weeks driving through the French countryside, because I hardly slept last night. We are meeting up with Brian and Doris there to spend six days touring, eating , and enjoying some good wine . Brian and I worked together for years prior to his career at one of the Big 5 audit firms...perhaps that explains the rest of the story...

When I finally dozed off around. 4:30 I had a hilarious dream about E & W. I dreamed that they were in the same hotel that we are at in Orleans, France, but in my dream were in Canada. 

Let me digress... This place is a bit of a dump... But it's clean and cheap for a one night stand. We ate in the restaurant last night and had the weirdest food- Dave had lasagne which they served with French fries and I ordered tortellini which came without sauce. Hmmmm

Back to my dream - I'm wandering the lobby in my pajamas ( I don't usually do that) and I see a woman I knew from high school and I hollar out to her and wave. She's dressed in  an "Auditor navy" suit, and when she comes over toward me in my pajamas, the big doors to a conference room open up and E&W people that used to work with stream out on a break, I guess. 

There are old Surewest friends in the room too and a couple of them see me and rush over. It's then I realize that I'm in my pajamas with a stain on the top (I've been on the French roads for two weeks)) so I'm mortified... Jodi tells me that I look so tan! I mention the gross pasta dinner and she and her other friends thought the food here was wonderful and they LOVED the hotel!

I spy Paul Thompson who is looking his old dapper self, totally suited up, and I want to say hi, but my pajamas are holding me back.. Then I see Dan Bessey in shorts and flip flops and deside that he must be " the client". 

I decide at this juncture that I need to leave before any of these people see me. They all this hotel is grand and I'm running back to my room wondering what they've been smoking. I find myself in the huge opulent ballroom of the hotel, and decide I must have misjudged my "one night stand" French hotel...

But here's the best part of my dream... I happen to catch a glimpse of myself in a gilt mirror... I have the worst case of bed head: I have an American flag scarf half off my hair, which is greasy and sticking straight off the other side of my head... And my head is shaved below that. What a horror! 

I think that's when I woke up, laughing. Who can really speak if the dreams/nightmares that we have after eating tortellini with no sauce??? I certainly don't want to interpret that one. I do know that it was a bit nostalgic, seeing the old E&W folks... In my dream they hadn't changed. I however was definitely not wearing my Controller outfit.

On to Paris:)

( Note: below, My face after working in yard back home... Must be the genesis of the flag on my bed head...)


  1. Haha....hope we are able to find Paris restaurantds that produce better dreams,or a least no nightmares. See you this sfternoon.

  2. Those are certainly interesting dreams. You'd better watch out if you wear an American flag on your head in Paris.


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