Monday, June 23, 2014

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Technology addiction is a slippery slope - just ask the Candy Crushers, the Farm Town farmers, the Minecrafters, the online "Pokers".  Once you get your first taste of victory, it's all over. And like the Apostle Paul who was humbled by his sins, I too admit that among the Techie Sinners of the world, I may not be "Chief" among you, but I'm right down there with you when it comes to Polyvore. I have burned more vegetables, left the house showerless and ignored my unmade bed countless times, all for the joy of creating a digital masterpiece on my computer.

In the Polyvore world, users form groups that you can join, theoretically with the same artistic predisposition as you. Most group owners sponsor contests, where there is some sort of theme or set requirement.  Even huge corporations like Macy's and Wendy's sponsor contests...remember that the chief goal of Polyvore is to get you to buy fashions, jewelry, home goods and beauty products. Many groups have hundreds, even thousands of entries for a single contest.  I haven't figured out how the game is played, or who decides who wins or why, but I enjoy the challenged of putting my spin on their rules.

And after four months of creating all manner of artistic sets, I finally "won" a prize in a contest. It wasn't first place, or even second. And it wasn't even a "big" contest - only 258 entries.  But I won 7th Place!  (Rather like getting a Lavender ribbon in a county fair sewing contest...) The contest theme was "FREE Woman!", and we were challenged to create a set that epitomized a free spirited woman. And being the conservative, traditional chicken that I am, what is more free than a woman who sports tattoos?

"Too Chicken To Get a Tattoo"
The irony of my thought process in creating this image is that, like my Polyvore addiction, I am told by a couple of women whom I love dearly that Tattoos are also addictive. That explains why we see so much "art work" on men and women these's hard to just get one. And even though I have such appreciation for the artistry of this inked art, I just can't get past the thought of ending up in a skilled nursing facility bed sporting a sagging image of a blurry butterfly smeared across my backside. 

Not that I would ever get a butterfly...I would want a hummingbird...or a Viking...maybe an image of Colette. 

Yep, no tattoo for this girl. 

 Laurel. "Cluck, Cluck, Cluck..."


  1. Morally, I have no problem with tattoos. It's just that I've yet to see one that improved the look of the human body.

  2. I got my one and only small tattoo on the inside of my left ankle in 2000, so I'm not sure how "addictive" they are. I've never really wanted another one, but by the time we reach that nursing home, I'm sure we wouldn't be the only ones with sagging butterflies, so it probably won't look that horrible. Everyone will have them! :)


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