Thursday, January 2, 2014

1980 something...

In the process of putting away our Christmas decorations, Dave uncovered an envelope on the garage floor behind a storage box.  In it were a series of photographs of my going-away party at Kelly Services, where I was an Account Rep for two years back in the 80's. There was a old letter from the Detroit office, thanking me for my service and a card holder with one of my old business cards denoting me as an "Ex-Account Representative."

I had to laugh at the silliness of it all, as my boss's significant other had hired a "Policeman" to come to arrest me at the party. You know the rest of the story...the guy had a beautiful tan!! But what cracked me up more was the horrid kinky permed hair I was sporting at the time. And I mean horrid! My daughter, who is my hairdresser today told me once that she would NEVER give me a perm, and now I remember NO pictures of that fright on this post!

But I also uncovered another photo of myself that brought on a wave of nostalgia. I remembered the evening well. I was volunteering on a phone bank, evidently some time after the perm job grew out.  I was a single Mom, as Dave and I weren't even married yet, making the photo over 30 years old. I remember wearing that gold Coke bottle cap charm around my neck every day, along with a giant cubic zirconium. The silk blouse was a staple of my professional wardrobe. I still have that huge gold chain necklace which I bought at I. Magnins back in 1969. Not so much into gold chains these days, but the quality of gold-filled jewelry today can never compare to it, so I kept it.

The photo made me smile...not because I looked "hot", but because I looked so young. Shortly thereafter, Dave and I got married and settled into the whole chaotic "step-family" life. It was gritty and sweet at the same time - I've always said that it was our ability to laugh at ourselves that saved us...this August we will celebrate 30 years of marriage. 

He told me over breakfast yesterday, New Year's Day, that I was his "longest running success"...or something like that:) I think it's the red nails...

Laurel. It's gonna be a great year!!


  1. Well, red nails are HOT! Congratulations on thirty years together. Happy New Year.

  2. It's wonderful to see you a few decades ago - you are forever young! Congrats on 30 years together - you and Dave inspire me so much!


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