Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Oh, just " wear something pretty!"

I could write for days on the mind-bending impact the word "pretty" has had on my life. It would involve telling tales on my feisty no-nonsense mother, a mere 88 years young and still smoking like a chimney...but I'll leave that for another day. Suffice it to say, me and Pretty have had our struggles. You would know that if you've been reading Laurel's Quill very long - I'm Pretty transparent.

The FabricLady and I are attending a regional group of sewing activists in Walnut Creek this weekend - having lunch and then talking about our adventures in making her fashion wardrobe. Our little dog and pony show will feature the garments we have made together, fabric from StoneMountain etc - a trunk show of sorts.  When I inquired as to the attire for the day in an email to Zan, I see her words "Wear something pretty!" jump from the page. No other information like where to meet, what we're going to talk about, what time, etc. made any difference to me... I couldn't get unstuck from Pretty.

Hmmmm...what does that mean? Pretty. My brain goes into panic mode immediately, as I mentally go through every dress, blouse, pants, belt, necklace, jacket, scarf and pair of shoes I own. Don't get me wrong - I'm not saying that I don't own Pretty, or that the FabricLady doesn't think I'm "all that and a bag of chips" - I'm just saying that the panic comes from a cold sweat realization that I'm packing a few extra pounds and my Pretty stuff may not be right for the occasion, and/or I can't get into it. It just doesn't feel right for one reason or another. And when I'm "up front" of people and talking, I have to FEEL right.

Colette: "Why not make something out of this fabric?"
Colette, barely clothed herself,  is over by the window giving me her two cents as I yank stuff out of my closet...

"Nope. That top is too summery - you're talking about Fall fashion. You'll freeze to death!"

"You can't wear those shoes - they're missing a heel and you will click when you walk!"

"Good Lord, Laurel, have you put on some weight or what - too much Boobage!"

"No jeans, Laurel. It's not a hoe-down!"

"Whoa, sister-wife! Save that puppy for the Goodwill bag!"

"Too night-clubby, hon."

An on and on went the pull-everything-out-of-the-closet frenzy in search of something Pretty. Complicating matters was the one criteria that mattered most: whatever I chose, it had to be something I actually designed and sewed. DUH!!!

Okay, Colette. Let's review some options:

I just made this cute Shape top out of a digital knit from France... but no sleeves...I'll get cold.

Or this very chic Marci Tilton jacket out of a rich woven wool I just finished...I love the fringe treatment...but I'll probably start hot flashing, so probably not the best choice for standing in front of a bunch of people you don't know...

I could wear this old standby...soft, comfortable, stylish...but hasn't everyone seen me in that??

Colette feels Pretty in silk, but it's a tad much for the event, don't ya think...

Here's another old standby....but I wouldn't call it Pretty...and besides, I've worn it with sweatpants in front of my cozy fireplace...sans the beads, of course.

I love this stretch silk top and noil crop pants...the fabric print is beautiful...but it still seems too summery...

I used to wear stuff like this when I lectured about 401k's...Pretty, but this is waaaaaayyy tooooooooooo corporate...

After all the frustration and clothes flinging subsided...
I found a sleek pair of black slacks that I haven't worn since I retired from that corporate gig...
I took my cute little black patent slingback heels to the shoe repair guy, 
Picked up a black turtleneck sweater at Ross,
Bought a little black beaded necklace at Charming Charlie's


when in doubt, went for the power dressing - anything in RED!!!!!!


Is there anything PRETTIER than a RED jacket????

Laurel. Yeah, Baby... Lock and Load!!!

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  1. Well done. Classic black with a red jacket is perfect. You look "pretty" in each of the photos. I completely understand the need to FEEL pretty. Rock the crowd dear...

  2. OK, you really have me cracking up here! A little history on that expression from my of my long term sales associates, Kathleen, always says to me when I am off to buy fabric (and now even going to Costco) "buy me something pretty" when you asked what you should wear, that came out! What is it about a full wardrobe of clothes and nothing appropriate to wear? It takes the right garments for the event, weather, season and accessories all have to line up...yikes no wonder most people wear jeans, t-shirts and sweats. This is why I asked you Laurel to help me with some "pretty" clothes made out of my gorgeous fabric. Every time I used to look in my closet, I had nothing to wear (still the case, because it's all on mannequins at Stonemountain!) Whatever you wear, my dear Laurel, is going to be beautiful. Because you are. See you Saturday!

  3. Oh Laurel you are truly so very talented. I would love to hear" tales on my feisty no-nonsense mother, a mere 88 years young and still smoking like a chimney" Sounds like my GGgrandmother:) Take care B.

  4. I think the blue silk top works and isn't too summery because of the Fall colored pants. But I'm a guy so what do I know?


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