Thursday, September 13, 2012

Too busy to write??

In case you're thinking I've lost my writing mojo, you would be partially right.  While I haven't been inspired to blog for the last few weeks, the "rest of the story" is that I've been busy. And it's Fall, and all I really want to do is walk in the country, smell the dead leaves and earth, go to the pumpkin patch...

But I'm busy. My brain is consumed these days by dressmaking...

I am making the mother of the groom's ensemble...I had to bring back the fine art of basting for this fabric: the sheerest silk organza...butter soft...slippery as *(!&^#%!

Rolled hems by hand...another lost art.

I must admit that the task has been daunting...but you know I am a Project Runway fanatic, and when I watch those would be designers with their sloppy sewing skills (the Russian guy says "I AM NOT A SEAMSTRESS...I AM A DESIGNER!!) I just keep repeating to myself as the fabric slides around on my machine "I AM Project Runway!"

And I have been my usual Fall "social" self...more lunches and dinners...spent an entire day with girlfriends celebrating her birthday. We started with brunch in the country...

And then there's boating, of course...there's nothing like an evening on the lake, putting around with "Mini Kota", the electric trolling peaceful

And watching this giant weed grow in my garden...WHAT IS THIS THING????

And wishing I was back here on a vacation...

Alas, alas. Someday.
 Laurel. I can be all things to all people...Yea, right.


  1. I hope that blog slumps are not contageous. I have them from time to time. A break is better than poor posts.

    1. I hear ya. Glad that you are back at it, hon!! And thanks for taking off the word verification. It really stops people from commenting. I tried to slove one three times and finally gave up! LOL!

  2. Oh my, I haven't sewn anything in years and can't imagine taking on your current project! Please don't miss Autumn!

  3. Laurel there was only two things in there for a guy. A picture of good food and Dave had a day all to himself if you were gone with the girls. Having kidded you as I must a more serious point is that the picture of that week growing in your yard is "poke weed". Not a good thing. The lot next door has them and they have become very hard to keep away. I want to keep them away as they are very toxic.

  4. Oh will you show us the finished item you are making it sounds lovely but also sounds like hard work. I would love to sew but don't have the patience for it.

  5. That thing growing in your backyard; did you plant some magic beans?

  6. You have poke salad in your backyard. Probably courtesy of a bird resting on the fence. In the spring these greens may be picked, cooked properly and eaten. Deeeeelicious.

    Beautiful pictures. Life should be about enjoying the things you do.

  7. Do what you love... whether it's sewing or blogging.... it's your life. xo

  8. I love project runway too. But I think you are one heck of a gal for volunteering to make the Groom's mom's dress....never in a million years would I ever attempt it. Well...maybe in a million years and I was the only sewer left on earth...but still...You Go Girl! What an act of LOVE!


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